My name is Joe and I am from England, UK.
When Covid hit my area and lockdown was announced, it was one of the weirdest feelings being locked in doors for weeks.
I missed the music scene and wanted to explore different ways in my home that I could interact, drink (Sensibly… Cough cough) and just have some fun. This was mainly on Friday or Saturday nights as I was still working from home remotely.


This is when I found a couple DJ’s named DJ_DEE and DAK.
I wanted to join in and be a part of the community they had created.
I’m pretty sure most DJ’s that I had met had only started streaming on Twitch just before or during Lockdown, so the DJ Twitch communities were quite small, but growing!

Every night I got into a habbit of tuning in to the DJ’s and gained a great passion for what DJ’s do.
As DEE’s community got more popular, more and more people started to join in on the chat and dancing the Friday and Saturdays away was something to always look forward to.


Then came a point where DEE and DAK wanted to make a group called “The ChoonKillaz”.
I created a website for them and was part of the management team.
It was run by Myself, Dee and DAK, but only lasted a few months until DAK decided to close the lot down, out of nowhere.

Personally I was not happy about this and went straight to DAK and DEE to ensure ChoonKillaz was re-opened immediately, but only run by myself and DEE.
From what I remember, DEE never returned back to ChoonKillaz, but there was about 6 DJ’s with the group at the time and I didn’t want to just dispurse the group and be done with it.
I never gave up and we continued under the name ChoonKillaz.


It then got about 1 year in and I knew it was time to build something of my own.
I no longer wanted to keep the name ChoonKillaz and went on the search for a new name.
I went through so many different names with my girlfriend, trying to think of something that would stick, that would sound catchy and something that people will remember.
We started off with the word Nova, as I’ve always been interested in supernovas and how beautiful they look, an exploision of a star!
So that was a starting point. We then had to have something related to music… Beatz.. That was it!
I came to a final decision that NovaBeatz would be the new name of the community.


I announced the rename and had to let a few DJ’s go, but I won’t go into depth on that matter. We’ve always had our monthly event that we do every month at the end of the month (Every Saturday), all dj’s join up to form a raid train and party together. This is still a thing and will always be a thing.
We then started off with events such as “TECHNOVA”, which went on for about 5-6 months, every Friday, 5 dj’s non-stop techno, that was fun!
We then did a few other smaller events, such as “FRIYAY”, which ended up being something we didn’t want NovaBeatz to be associated with.
The thought was that “We are not just one large raid train every week”, there’s other groups out there that do that, we are a team of DJ’s that work together to help each other improve.


NovaBeatz has now become a great place for DJ’s to work together and build their own communities.
We will continue to grow and I am looking forward to working with all the DJ’s we have joining this fantastic team.

There’s a lot more I could deep dive into, but I’ll save that for another day 🙂

NovaBeatz Owner


Comprised of talented DJs and music enthusiasts, the NovaBeatz have harnessed the power of Twitch to create an immersive and interactive DJ experience for their global audience. Broadcasting live sets from their virtual studio, The NovaBeatz Collective seamlessly mixes a diverse range of genres, from electronic dance, house, techno and beyond. Their dynamic performances are enhanced by real-time chat interactions, allowing viewers to request songs, engage with the DJs, and bringing the club vibes to your living room!



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