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Born on planet Trill, DJ Jadzia Decks is a renowned interstellar DJ who has captured the hearts and souls of music lovers across the galaxy.

Trill's multicultural society instilled in her a deep appreciation for the power of house music, breakbeats, dance & swing which she would later infuse into her performances. Influenced by a family who collected vinyl records from Earth, at age 13 she began playing the guitar which fueled her passion for music from an early age.

Jadzia's journey as a DJ began once joined with her Trill symbiont. She discovered she had acquired an innate talent for mixing beats & creating seamless transitions due to Dax’s sixth host, Joran.

After her six year stint stationed at Deep Space Nine, Jadzia stepped down from her position as chief science officer as she desired less screen time & more time behind the decks. So she could pursue her musical passions, the producers decided to “kill” Jadzia off.
Armed with her trusty starship & an impressive collection of vinyl records & digital tracks, she and Worf renewed their vows in New Orleans, dining at the world famous Sisko’s before journeying out west to manifest destiny in Arizona.

On Earth, Jadzia Decks quickly established herself as a sought-after DJ on Twitch, mesmerizing audiences since 2020. Her style explores new frontiers of digital music, blending eclectic fusion of genres such as funky breakbeats, disco, afro/latin vibes and energetic house& dance styles. With the help of her six beautiful Koi fish Jadzia creates an enchanting atmosphere that transports listeners to distant cosmic realms.
Known for her infectious energy, DJ Jadzia Decks has performed for some of most prestigious raid trains across the Twitchaverse. Her electrifying sets have captivated audiences on planets ranging from Earth to Risa. She is also an advocate for unity, diversity, and inclusivity. Believing music has the power to bring people together, transcending differences and fostering a sense of collective joy.


NovaBeatz DJ


Comprised of talented DJs and music enthusiasts, the NovaBeatz have harnessed the power of Twitch to create an immersive and interactive DJ experience for their global audience. Broadcasting live sets from their virtual studio, The NovaBeatz Collective seamlessly mixes a diverse range of genres, from electronic dance, house, techno and beyond. Their dynamic performances are enhanced by real-time chat interactions, allowing viewers to request songs, engage with the DJs, and bringing the club vibes to your living room!



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