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Phil Baxley, a DJ/Producer/Artist/Multi-Instrumentalist from Split, Croatia, embarked on his journey in the world of DJ'ing and music production driven by a lifelong connection to music. Having been involved with music throughout his life, starting from his early years in music school and playing the trumpet professionally in a local orchestra, Phil's passion for music was deeply ingrained. As a teenager, he also explored his musical talents by playing the guitar. It was during the late 90s that Phil ventured into DJ'ing and producing, immersing himself in the captivating realm of electronic music.

After years of honing his skills and crafting his signature sound, Phil's dedication paid off when he released his original tracks in 2007, gaining recognition and signing with renowned labels such as Strobe Records, Cobalt Recordings, and Special Recordings. However, after a fruitful period, he took a break in 2011, temporarily stepping away from the scene. Yet, in 2020, driven by a longing to reconnect with his passion, Phil found solace and inspiration in DJ streaming on Twitch. This new avenue allowed him to share his music and engage with a global audience, filling the gap that had been missing from his life.

Now, with a refreshed creative spirit, Phil Baxley is actively working on new productions, eager to continue his musical journey and explore new sonic territories. His dedication, diverse musical background, and multi-instrumentalist talents set him apart as an artist who constantly evolves and pushes boundaries. With each track he produces and every DJ set he delivers, Phil Baxley's passion for music shines through, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his listeners.
One notable aspect of Phil Baxley's DJ career is his versatility and refusal to be confined by a single genre. As a DJ, he embraces the freedom to explore and experiment with various styles of music, seamlessly blending genres to create unique and eclectic sets. Whether it's House, Techno, D'n'B, or even some extreme subgenres, Phil's diverse musical background and open-minded approach allow him to curate dynamic and captivating performances. By defying genre boundaries, he creates an immersive experience that appeals to a wide range of music enthusiasts, fostering a sense of unity and shared appreciation for the power of music.


NovaBeatz DJ


Comprised of talented DJs and music enthusiasts, the NovaBeatz have harnessed the power of Twitch to create an immersive and interactive DJ experience for their global audience. Broadcasting live sets from their virtual studio, The NovaBeatz Collective seamlessly mixes a diverse range of genres, from electronic dance, house, techno and beyond. Their dynamic performances are enhanced by real-time chat interactions, allowing viewers to request songs, engage with the DJs, and bringing the club vibes to your living room!



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